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Born and bred with a pure Midwestern spirit, Joel Hale knows what it means to be a leader. Raised in Greenwood, Indiana, Joel worked his way through Center Grove High School with big dreams - to play professional football. Through years of hard work and determination he was able to achieve his dream, advancing from captaining the Ohio State University team to playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Using his knowledge and leadership skills he acquired in his football career, Joel refused to slow down and continues to reach for the highest levels or achievement in everything he does.

Having worked in a variety of occupational (and actual) arenas, Joel was able to find something else that fit his drive: logistics. In his own words: “Freight never sleeps.” And, it seems, neither does Joel. He started READY-2-XECUTE in 2020 in his dad’s dining room. Within two years the company expanded from two employees to upwards of one hundred and upgraded from a kitchen table to a 27,000 sq. foot world headquarters in downtown Indianapolis.


Today, Joel’s vision for his business extends beyond himself and to every employee under his care. Just like during his football career, he isn’t afraid to take a risk if it means doing what’s best for the team, and he looks to foster that mentality in his staff, as well. “I want every employee to know that they are a key part of our success,” he said when asked about the culture at READY-2-XECUTE, “I want them to be the best version of themselves and always strive for growth.”





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